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How The Trust Helps

Conserving the past, Enriching the future

Working closely with other grant-making bodies, such as the National Churches Trust and the Dorset’s Erskine Muton Trust Fund, we aim to award grant aid exceeding £110,000 pa. Our grants support essential weather-proofing of historic churches and chapels but also fund their modification to make them more widely usable by the communities which they serve.


BradpoleHoly TrinityTowards repairs to stained glass windows£4,000
Enmore GreenSt. John EvangelistTowards repairs to roof of tower and south roof£3,500
Gussage St Michael St Michael and All Angels Towards extensive repairs to roofs of tower and chancel£12,000
MoretonSt. NicholasTowards re-decoration of lime-washed walls inside the church £1,000
Over ComptonSt. MichaelTowards replacing lead flashings and re-pointing £2,500
Tarrant HintonSt. MaryTowards replacement of corroded electrical trunking and wiring £4,000
WimborneSt. JohnsTowards replacement of defective wiring and light fittings with LED lighting £4,500
Wimborne Saint GilesWimborne St. GilesTowards major repairs to roof £6,000
ChilfromeHoly TrinityTowards urgent water-proofing £3,000
Hawkchurch St John the BaptistTowards facilities (disabled loo and hospitality unit)£5,000
North PoortonSt. Mary MagdaleneTowards guttering repairs£1,000
PuddletownSt.MaryTowards water-proofing £7,000
Stoke AbbottSt MaryTowards asbestos replacement and air-source heat pump£12,000
LillingtonSt Martin of ToursTowards roof repairs£10,000
LodersSt. Mary MagdaleneTowards repairs to the bellframe£1,000
LongburtonSt. JamesTowards facilities and store room£5,000
Lyme RegisSt Michael and St George Towards repairs to roof and gutters£10,000
PrestonSt Andrew Towards repairs to roof£5,000
Sturminster MarshallSt. MaryTowards repairs to tower and window £7,000
West OrchardSt LukeTowards repair to roof£1,500
Whitchurch CanonicorumSt Candida and Holy CrossTowards repair to the tower £5,000
Winterborne KingstonSt. NicholasTowards repair to the roof£3,000
Total for year 2020


ChickerellSt. Mary the VirginTowards re-slating the nave roof£5,000
PortlandAll SaintsTowards urgent repair to stonework around windows£18,000
ShaftesburySt. PeterTowards repairs to stonework around windows£5,000
UplodersMethodistFor disabled access£2,000
Toller PorcorumSt. Andrew & St. PeterTowards replacing lead £12,000
WimborneMinsterTowards new lighting £12,000
Burton BradstockSt. MaryRepairs to the south transept window£10,000
CorscombeSt. MaryRestoring plaster work£5,000
CranborneSt. Mary and St. BartholomewHelp towards completing facilities£1,000
HolnestChurch of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin MaryFor essential internal repairs£10,000
Lytchett MatraversSt Mary the VirginFor safer access to the tower£1,000
DurwestonSt. NicholasTowards roof repairs£3,000
KingstonSt. JamesFor treatment to painted glass windows£3,000
Milton AbbasMilton AbbeyFor leadwork to prevent water ingress£3,500
PilsdonSt MaryFor improved ventilation and removal of damp£4,000
YetminsterSt AndrewsTowards tower repairs£12,000
Total for year 2019


Iwerne MinsterSt. MaryFor help towards the stone floor project£7,500
MotcombeSt MaryFor help towards re tiling and gutter repairs£6,000
Pamphill (Kingston Lacey)St. StephenTowards replacing dangerous heating£3,000
PoyntingtonAll SaintsTowards repairs to the vestry roof stone tiles.£4,000
ShaftesburySt. JamesFor help with replacing lighting£2,000
Sydling St. NicholasSt. NicholasInstallation of a new boiler£2,000
Tarrant MonktonAll SaintsFurther help with repairs to the roof£5,500
TolpuddleSt. John the EvangelistRewiring (Using previous grant for roof) with the previous grant from 2016 now being carried forward for a further 3 years for this new project£10,000
West LulworthHoly TrinityReplace timber spirelet and repair stone gutter and gable coping.£6,000
Winterborne SticklandSt. MaryReplacing flawed electrics and heating.£11,000
BradpoleHoly TrinityTowards recladding the spire with new shingles£5,000
Catherston LewestonSt. MaryTowards repairs to stained glass£2,000
Fifehead MagdalenSt. Mary MagdaleneTowards waterproofing of the tower£7,500£10,000NCT Partnership grant
Lyme RegisSt. Michael the ArchangelTowards new render on the tower£12,000
Tarrant MonktonAll SaintsTowards waterproofing of the roof£2,500£5,000NCT Partnership grant
UpweySt. LaurenceTowards installation of kitchenette and lavatory£5,000
Winterborne HoughtonSt. AndrewTowards re-wiring and new heating£7,000£5,000NCT Partnership grant
BridportSt.Mary's Church£10,000
Lytchett MatraversSt Mary the Virgin£4,000
MappertonAll Saints£1,000
OwermoigneSt Michael£6,000
SeaboroughSt. John£6,000
SiltonSt. Nicholas£5,000
SwyreHoly Trinity£4,000
Winterbourne SteepletonSt. Michael and All Angels£3,000
Total for year 2018


BradpoleHoly TrinityTowards church repairs£7,000
Buckhorn WestonSt. John the BaptistTowards church repairs£1,000
Canford MagnaChurchTowards roof repairs£7,500
ChideockSt. GilesTowards installation of facilities£12,000
DorchesterSt Mary the VirginTowards repairs to west window£7,500
MarshwoodSt. MaryFurther help for repairs to windows£1,000
Purse CaundleSt. PeterTowards urgent church repairs£6,000
AskerswellSt. Michael and All AngelsFor further help with facilities£5,000
BatcombeSt. MaryTowards general repairs£3,500
BridportSt.Mary's ChurchTowards roof repairs£10,000£5,000application for Partnership grant
CorscombeSt. MaryTowards new heating£8,000
MappertonAll SaintsTowards roof and tower repairs£3,500
Milton AbbasSt JamesTowards general repairs£3,000
Nether ComptonSt. NicholasTowards roof repairs£5,000£5,000application for Partnership grant
PuncknowleSt. Mary the Blessed VirginTowards roof repairs£3,500£5,000application for Partnership grant
TrentSt. AndrewTowards restoration of windows£3,000
WarehamLady St.MaryTowards repair of the Beckett Chapel£3,000£5,000application for Partnership grant
Winterborne ClenstonSt. NicholasTowards facilities£5,000
Whitchurch CanonicorumSt Candida and Holy CrossRepairs to windows and stone pinnacle£12,000
Total for year 2017


AskerswellSt. Michael and All AngelsFor facilities£5,000
Bere RegisSt. John the BaptistRoof repairs£10,000
Blandford ForumSt. Peter and St. PaulRepairs to roof and plasterwork£6,500£5,000NCT
BothenhamptonHoly Trinity NewFor facilities£2,000
BothenhamptonOld ChurchFor facilities£2,000
CharmouthSt. AndrewReplacing flooring£1,000
CranborneSt. Mary and St. BartholomewFor facilities£5,000
LillingtonSt Martin of ToursGeneral repairs£4,500
LittlebredySt. Michael & All AngelsRepairs to roof and spire.£5,000£2,500NCT
Milborne Saint AndrewSt. AndrewFor repairs to roof£7,500£5,000NCT
Milton AbbasMilton AbbeyGeneral repairs£10,000
Sutton WaldronSt BartholomewGeneral repairs£1,800
UpweySt. LaurenceFacilities£12,000
Canford MagnaChurch£2,000
Gussage All SaintsAll Saints£1,255
PooleSt Dunstan of CanterburyUrgent electrical work£1,000
Tarrant KeynstonAll Saints£5,000
TolpuddleSt. John the Evangelist£5,000£5,000NCT (National Churches Trust) Partnership Grant
WeymouthSt John'sRepairs to floor and tower£5,000£2,500NCT
Total for year 2016