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St. Mary Tarrant Hinton  

This church is well worth a visit.  A church has stood on this site since at least the 13th century; a few fragments of the original Norman foundations still exist and are incorporated in the interior wall above the porch door. The exterior is constructed principally of alternating bands of flint and green sandstone, as is typical of this part of Dorset. Originally, the church belonged to Shaftesbury Abbey and this, coupled with the prosperity of the sheep farming during the 14th and 15th centuries, led to the relatively superior stone and workmanship that still exist. Interior has much interest including a magnificent Easter Sepulchre which is is almost certainly unique in Dorset. The recent conservation of which was aided by DHCT.  To mark the Millennium two windows by Thomas Denny were commissioned. Also interesting is the Art Nouveau lectern made from brass and iron.



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Grant date Reason Amount Extra amount Extra reason
27/10/20 12:00 amTowards replacement of corroded electrical trunking and wiring £4,000

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