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St. Mary Blandford St Mary  

Blandford St. Mary Inside, there is a monument to Francis Cartwright (1758), holding a drawing of Came House, who would have been a contemporary of the Bastard Brothers of Blandford fame.  Also a very pleasing Madonna and Child.The Rev John Pitt was Rector of the parish 1645-77.  His second son, Thomas, joined the East India Company eventually becoming Governor of Madras.  He purchased the famous 'Pitt Diamond' from a Bombay dealer, which he sold in 1717 to the Duke of Orleans, Regent of France, for the sum of £130,000.  It became part of the Crown Jewels of France and can be seen in the Louvre in Paris.  Governor Pitt prospered mightily, buying large estates in the West Country and was a benefactor of this church.  He died in 1726 at Swallowfield, near Reading, but was buried here.The Trust gratefully acknowledges images and text by Robin Adeney © 



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